A home in Second Life for the iMUVE Project

We now have a home on Second Life! The DCU iMUVE Project (a cross-faculty research project between DCU Business School and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) has established its presence on the EduNation III island in Second Life.

The DCU iMUVE Home on SL

The DCU iMUVE Home on SL

Our building is just about ready for informal conversations, meetings and even presentations and seminars. During the last week or so, I have spent some time learning how to create and move objects, how to get the interactive tools provided by our landlord (The consultants-e) to work, where to withdraw and transfer some Linden dollars in order to go shopping, etc. I still have a lot to learn though… Like getting our new YouTube TV to work! And I am still looking for a chair I lost somewhere… But I am getting a lot of help from my neighbours.

We have indeed great neighbours. A number of them work in the area of language learning (such as EUROCALL and CALICO, two of the associations to which I belong…) and have been a constant source of support during the move (a daunting task). The Alsic Journal is also setting home more or less opposite us. It is quite remarkable that these four organisations (including DCU) representing 90% of my professional activities, and whose real life locations and communities are far apart (Dublin, France, Europe, North America and beyond), find themselves located beside each other in Second Life. Mind you, this did not happen totally by chance. As far as I know, my avatar is one of the few (if any) members belonging to the four groups… Our next door neighbour is the University of Strathclyde Business School. But I haven’t met anybody there yet… I probably visit our new home far too late in the evening!

So we now need to move in fully and start using the building and its facilities. Some of us will also join a training course (with parts conducted in Second Life). We will then be able to start the real work!

And by the way, if you look for me in SL, my avatar is Francie Bialyk 🙂


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