A new blog for my research students…

Yesterday Share IT conference really inspired me… I finally did what I have been thinking about for months: creating a group blog for my research students! The team is getting bigger, and students are all dispersed. Between geographical distance, work and family constraints, it is very difficult to organise any face-to-face meetings where everybody can meet and share their experience (as well as their occasional frustration and despair :)). Hopefully, this will compensate the lack of interaction between us as a group.

More importantly, I hope that this new venture will help us to generate new ideas and to make an even greater contribution to knowledge. There is a lot good work coming out of this group! Time it gets aired beyond the conversations in my office, whether face-to-face or via email and Skype!


3 thoughts on “A new blog for my research students…

  1. Dear Mr. Françoise Blin,

    I’m interested in your thesis after reading your abstract. Unfortunately I can’t access your thesis online. I’m now doing my research on using online resources to foster learner autonomy in teaching Translation. Theory activity is one of my focuses in analyzing learner autonomy. Could you please kindly allow me to read your thesis? I highly appreciate for your kind helping. Thank you.


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