Openness in education: a visual representation

So here it is! I finally managed to come up with a visual representation that defines what I understand by Openness in education, based on the readings suggested by the Open Education course creators. After reading Martin Weller’s (2012) article, The openness-creativity cycle in educationand Terry Anderson’s (2009) slides of his keynote at ALT-C, I decided to use iMindMap to represent some aspects that I found particularly interesting and useful. Unfortunately, iMindMap is not free (although there is a free version with limited functionalities), but I got it a little while ago and never got the chance to play with it until today. I have used other free mindmapping tools in the past, such as freemind and Cmap Tools (and I particularly like the latter), but I find iMindMap easier to use!

Activity 3, Openness in education

Openness in education: a visual representation (click on the image to enlarge it)


2 thoughts on “Openness in education: a visual representation

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