Curriculum 2.0… and AFI?

Pedagogy 2.0, Curriculum 2.0, and School 2.0 are real buzz words these days, all derived from the term Web 2.0 coined by O’Reilly in 2005. Google alone returns 519,000 hits for Pedagogy 2.0, 6,260,000 hits for Curriculum 2.0, and 225,000,000 for School 2.0!  Behind those hits, there is of course a lot of ‘propaganda’ for the integration of new technologies in the curriculum. But there are also countless reports of pedagogical innovation, reflective accounts from innovative practitioners, scholarly articles, and complex research projects seeking to understand what learning has become in the 21st century. Behind those terms, a recognition that we need to rethink education.

I particularly like the video below, 21st Century Skills: How do we get there? (found on YouTube, where else?). The agenda it sets out is not far away from what we are trying to achieve here in DCU through the curriculum reform currently underway under the auspices of the Academic Framework for Innovation project. Or is it? Are we really rethinking higher education for the 21st century?


A vision of students today…

I know this video by the cultural anthropologist and digital ethnographer Michael Wesch is not new and that most of us have already seen it many many times (3,390,569 views from YouTube as I write…). Still, it must be one of my favourite videos among the numerous ones that attempt to tell us how to teach, and even manage, Generation Y (i.e those born between the early eighties and the late nineties).

When I started teaching in NIHE-D (before it became DCU) in 1983 (!), Generation Y was hardly born. And I keep wondering… Are we today teaching Generation Y the way we were then teaching Generation X?